The Paint has been Picked

I spent waaaay too long laboring over paint choices for the house.  After all the design books and magazines I've read over the past few week you would have thought I would have been inspired and ready when it came time to pick the paint colors.  I was not, but I turned over my choices to our painter and his team this morning, and this is what we are going with.  As I walked out, I took a sigh and thought, It's just paint...

Living Room Dining Room will be Sherwin Williams Grayish

Kitchen will get a fresh coat of Celtic Gray by Bher

The downstairs bath's new color:  Open Seas by Sherwin Williams

Hallways, foyer and stairway will be Bungalow Beige by Sherwin Williams

They Laundry Room will get a fresh coat of white

The Master Bath will be transformed to Gorgeous White by Sherwin Williams

Master Bedroom will get a fresh coat of White Chocolate

Guest Bedroom/Office will stay Sage Green

Guest Bath will turn into Banana Cream
I thought I was doing a neutral color scheme, but this seems to have a little more splash once I have it all together-looking forward to seeing the progress!


Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Beautiful!!! Nice choices! I especially love that Open Seas!!! :)

Anonymous said...

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Gotta love this place!

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