Gator Game Day - planning

I don't know where time went, but newsflash-football season starts in three weeks.  I usually spend the summer preparing my Gator Game Day fashions.  Alas, this summer I did not.  I've been on a super strict diet to hopefully decrease my waistline thus increasing my orange and blue clothing options.

Lots of weekend visitors, my girls cruise, the housing situation, and overall lack of willpower have lead me to gain back 15 of the 30 pounds I lost-ha!  I'm back on the plan now, but not in time to seriously drop any sizes before we fly down to Gainesville for the season kick-off-mirrrr.

So what's a fabulous Florida girl to do?  Get online, and order some dresses stat!  But first, I had to plan the season out, for example I can't walk down Cumberland Ave in Knoxville in an orange dress for the Tennessee Game, nor do I want to be sporting royal blue at the Gin Mill for the Kentucky Game (we'll be in NYC for a wedding).  Location also plays a role, for example it will be a lot warmer in FL for the FSU game come Thanksgiving weekend, but I'll be here in DC-so warmer clothes will be required.

Come in my Gator Game Day Dress chart:
**  I will be with lots of friends and not just with Josh in a hotel room, so I can do one of my favorite activities ever - Gator Game Day Fashion show for these games!!  Only girlfriends will provide accurate and true advice about which pair of earrings look best with my orange and blue frock.

Stay turned for a preview of 2010 game day attire.


Ashley said...

Love your chart!! So glad you're a gator girl too!! Chomp chomp!!

Janna said...

Love it! I just found a cute blue sundress that I'm planning on wearing to the USF game and found an orange necklace to go with it! Cannot wait for football season to start!

Kelsey Claire said...

Your chart is amazing. I love it! Us gals in the Big 12 can get away with jeans and school spirit shirts. I kind of wish we did the dress thing!

Fried Pink Tomato said...

I love your chart. What a cute idea!! I love being an SEC football fan. Dresses and heels at tailgate is so much fun!

Mama Bird said...

This is fantab! I love it!! You are as into Fl as my girlfriend is LSU. Can't wait to see your outfits!!

Arielle said...

Oh such a cute idea!! I LOVE game day outfits! :D

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

maybe we will see each other in k-town for the ut/fla game....of course i'll be wearing an orange dress and not for your beloved gators! ;) your fashion chart rocks my world! i love a girl who doesn't mess around with fashion! xoxo

Kristin said...

The chart is too funny!!