Adventures with Lilly

So did anyone else want to poke their eyes out during the lilly "pre-sale" this morning?

I figure it's a good thing that the site kept freezing and not letting me check out.  Less $$$ out of my pocketbook = more $$$ for hardwood floors!!

I did take a peek at the men's side and wondered if I could get my hubby to sport this to a football game this fall...

I kind of love it


Screen Door Prep said...

I kind of love it, too, LOL, but I *know* I couldn't convince my husband to wear it. I did well just to get him to *finally* dispense w/ his tapered-leg jeans from high school a few months ago! & I, too, wholeheartedly agree w/ your summary of why-the-site-crashes-were-probably-better-for-me-in-the-long-run. LOL Did you at least end up w/ some good buys?!

katy said...

OMG I had so much trouble with the sale. Problems online, so I tried calling....signal busy, multiple minutes on hold, had to hang up to do actual work..blah blah blah. Finally I tried late this afternoon and didn't get both dresses I wanted, but did get one. Hooray! Love the jacket...take pics if you get hubby to wear that :)

Amber said...

Putting in hardwood floors? We just put in laminant floors ourselves and it was a CHORE! Totally worth it though - they look amazing!