Tee Time

Tonight we will be packing for my family reunion. It falls on the 4th of July weekend--my favorite holiday! I am looking forward to visiting with my aunts, uncles and cousins. Of course it will be wonderful to see my parents and brother! Molly is joining us on our journey to Montgomery Bell State Park, which is just outside of Nashville. We will be staying in a pet friendly hotel on Thursday night on the south side of Richmond. She is really enjoying car rides these days, so I hope the 11 hour ride is fun for us all. I bought red and white striped fabric with blue stars on Monday night to make her a patriotic bandanna to wear on the 4th. Let's hope my very simple project goes well. I hope we can take a cute family picture of us all in Red, white and blue.

Hubby, brother and I will be playing golf on Saturday morning. Our 8:15 Tee Time should allow enough time for us to get through 18 holes and make it to the family watermelon cut at 3:00.

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