Tennessee Travels

Hubby, Molly and I set out for our weekend adventure on Thursday after work. Molly was great in the car and we stayed at the lovely (and pet friendly) LaQuienta Inn in Bristol, VA. LaQuienta has really cornered the market being a pet-friendly chain. I mean we are tried and true Marriott patrons-beyond what would be considered normal. Now that we have Molly on board we have been frequenting the LaQuienta-as do most pet-toting travelers.

We had a great drive through the Shenandoah Valley and the Smokey's, stopping off in Knoxville, yes Knoxville. No, not to scout out their summer practice. It was a far greater calling. Sonny's Sweet Sauce. My brother is an avid BBQ-er and loves to top off his creations with Sonny's Sweet Sauce, which is hard to come by in South Dakota. So we picked up a mere 3 gallons of the worlds best BBQ Sauce in Knoxville. Two for him and one for us. Hubby let me know we do not need a whole gallon of God's Gift to BBQ Sauce--but I beg to differ.

Our travels continued to Nashville, where we had lunch at Bar-B-Cuties, and picked up my brother at the airport. Let me tell you it was a full truck that pulled into Montgomery Bell State Park Friday afternoon, hubby, brother, Molly, and me, all our bags, all our golf clubs and 3 Gallons of Sonny's Sweet Sauce. Let the reunion begin...

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