All my bags are packed

So far July has been an awesome month. We've had tons of friends visit. It has been so nice to spend time with Kristin and her wonderful fiance Kalae, we always have the best talks about what life has in store for us. When Lauren came to visit we had pizza night and jammed on Rock Band. The next day we explored Old Town Alexandra and The National Harbor with Jen, John and Jack, then had a fab Sunday Brunch in Shirlington.

Josh has been in Canada this week for business-so it has been just me and Molly. On Wednesday Mike and Lacey came by after they spent the day apartment shopping. We enjoyed a sunset dinner at Sweetwaters, and recapped our recent weddings. I just can't wait for them to move here!

I am joining Josh in Montreal this weekend for a mini vacation. I am so excited to explore the city. Everyone I've talked to has told me it's a little taste of Europe. We are staying with one of Josh's co-workers. We are planning to have dinner at his house tonight then take a nice city stroll. More sight-seeing on Saturday followed by a fireworks show. On Sunday we are going to a beach village to enjoy a day in the sun. I hope we can find a strong bottle of sunscreen in Canada-I couldn't find any three oz or smaller to pack in my carry-on.

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