A Reunion to Remember

We had a grand time celebrating our family's heritage and the fourth of July this past weekend. It was wonderful to see family from all over the country and learn more about our history. I recently had the honor of being the first in the third generation in my family to wear the Leavell Veil, which is kept in the Leavell Legacy Room at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Friday night we enjoyed dinner with our family and visiting with cousins, aunts and uncles. Josh was intent on fishing, and did every chance he got! Here is the view of the lake from our room.

Saturday we met up with my brother and had a lovely round of golf, had the traditional watermelon cut, and took family pictures.

Although I have always celebrated my favorite holiday in the deep south, this year was was particularly southern. I had okra three, yes three, different ways: pickled, fried and dried. It was a wonderful weekend. Although we didn't get to see fireworks because of the rain, we did watch the DC fireworks on TV-I can't wait to celebrate at home next year!

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