The planning is half the fun...

Is it weird to be getting more nervous about our trip to Hawaii than excited? The reality of taking a 15 month old on a 17 hour travel day plus 6 hour time change has me a little anxious!

I've started to plan out bits and pieces of our trip. Am I the only one who makes trip itineraries with list of possible activities each day. Like these are the three things we could stop and do on our way from the airport and resort. Usually we do one to two things on my list of 10 possible activities. I like to plan and have options. Glad I've been able to sneak some moments here and there to get organized for this big trip because this time last week, I hadn't given our trip much thought, but now I have a 6 pages travel game plan. It's slowly coming together.

Most of our friends have gone to Hawaii without their kids. It's kind of a romantic get away. They've had lots of great recommendations, but we can't go horseback riding on the beach or ride bicycles down a volcano with James strapped on back. Could you imagine? We are planning on the bike tour, granted James will be hanging out with his grandparents when we roll out at 3 am.

We really want to do our vacations as a family so that means being resourceful on our activities, sleep schedule and flights. I think we may be sleeping in shifts, ha ha.

When booking our flight, I thought 2 first class tickets would be better than 3 coach. Now I'm really starting to question this. I thought the added legroom would give James some more room to move around/stand and stretch, but now I think he'll want his own space. I wish I didn't second guess every decision I make. That would be so much more efficient.

I'm prepping activity bags, thinking what should go in our cooler full of snacks and even downloaded some shows on ITunes.

James hasn't really ever watched TV (first born TV rule follower here-ha), but I just bought the first season of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse just in case. It doesn't help that he's more into a book throwing vs reading phase. I guess just as long as I can keep him from doing this while in the airplane lavatory, I'll be good.

(This happened in less time than it took me to tie one tennis shoe)

Any Maui or traveling with toddler tips? Toddler App recommendations? We still have a few more days here on the mainland ;) but they will mostly be spend packing a prepping for our next adventure!

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Melissa said...

I don't have any suggestions for a Hawaiian trip because that one's still on my bucket list, but I do have a couple of flying tips (although we haven't ever flown that far):

-Throw your TV rules out the window…whatever you have to do to keep him happy and your fellow passengers smiling is what you have to do.
-Bring plenty of snacks, diapers, change of clothes, etc. as well as his lovey and blankets for naps. One of the times we flew, the flight attendant gave me grief about changing B's diaper (on a changing pad) in the seat next to us so be prepared to change him in your lap if necessary.
-Go to the dollar aisle at Target and get a couple of new toys, books or art items he hasn't seen before and whip them out as needed.

I have NEVER regretted the extra planning, stress, time, money is takes to travel with our children. The memories made are priceless and I wouldn't trade them for anything! Can't wait to see pictures : )

Kristin said...

The Maui volcano bike ride is amazinggggg!! I would suggest doing it your 1st morning there bc your sleep schedule is already screwed up. http://www.mountainriders.com/ http://www.theplantationhouse.com/
Best burgers http://www.cheeseburgerland.com/cheeseburgerland/Lahaina.html

katy said...

We did Maui sans children but I'm sure there will be plenty of toddler friendly activities! As for apps, I recommend Tap Tap Baby and any of the Duck Duck Moose apps (I like wheels on the bus the best). Peek a boo zoo and a regular bubble pooping app are also fun.
When I fly with my toddler we throw normal eating out the window and eat snacks, snacks, snacks! I also pack Smarties as a treat (bc she never gets them at home) and they take a while if you hand them out one by one :)
Have fun!

Jen Apples said...

One tip from a friend at work who has twins and flies to Hawaii almost every year - buy some fun, inexpensive toys and wrap them as gifts. He'll have a chance to unwrap a present and play with it then when it gets old, there's another one. It's kept her girls busy for hours.

heather said...

While I don't have any kids yet, I have bookmarked this blog post for future reference. She has fantastic tips for traveling with children, especially long distances.