From Davis Islands to Dunedin

I had lunch today with a sweet friend who I used to work with. We used to hit up all the cute restaurants on the little island we worked on just outside of downtown Tampa on our lunch break.

Now we have working lunches, with kids in tow. She introduced me to Sweet Pea Cafe, which I absolutely adore, and was even happier that some of my (and James') buddies that we met for a playdate at the park earlier were headed there as well.

It doesn't get much better than a white picket fence surrounded play yard with a sand box, play house, pirate ship, balls and bubble machine. The shade from the towering oaks and mint tea make this momma willing to work through lunch any day.

After a morning spent at a playground on the water and a nice lunch with sweet friends and our sweet peas, I'm so grateful that we get to call Florida home.

James seems pretty happy about it as well!

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DeAnna Stephens said...

James looks just like his Daddy in that last picture!

Ruth said...

He really enjoys the sand.