Is it Friday Already?

I certainly feel like its Friday, but this week has flown by. I'm currently sitting in the parking lot at the CC while James snoozes. We had to reschedule my personal training session from earlier in the week to today because James was congested and I didn't want to bring him to spread germs to the other kiddos while I worked out. This time last week I was here getting a massage- hum I prefer that much more than working out with a trainer-ha! Probably why I need to be working out...

James had me up since 4:27. I really didn't want to bring him back down to our room but after about an hour of trying to get him back to sleep we headed downstairs and I pawned him off on Josh, and tried to halfway sleep. We are getting so close to him sleeping through the night again I can taste it. On Wednesday night I thought the monitor was on, however Josh and I awoke refreshed at 6:30 Thursday morning and realized James 'slept' through the night...our first cry it out experience, and we didn't even know it! I may 'forget' to turn the monitor on next week - I think we all need it.

James turned 15 months this week, I want to do an update on him-gosh he's fun and crazy and ALL BOY! He's getting so tall and is so skinny, but he eats like a champ. Last night he picked all the spinach out of his pasta to eat first - proud moma here!

Excited to celebrate Mother's Day and my moms birthday this weekend with my parents and Josh's family. Hope everyone has a great weekend and a very happy Mother's Day!

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