Snack Time

Our afternoons at Gymboree are over now that it closed. So we spend our afternoons at home, playing and swimming.

No more snacks on the run, now 'we' eat them at the table.

Molly is excited to get afternoon snacks now.

Now I know why James dropped to the 26th percentile for weight.

Our last time at Gymboree a few days ago.

I can't get James to sit through any classes - he likes to MOVE! Open play was perfect for us. Story time and music classes are pretty crazy and usually cut short.

And so is snack time! I've got an active boy on my hands!

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DeAnna Stephens said...

I bet you're loving being in your house and settled. I'm guessing you have a pool too? Don't most people in FL?! We need a house tour!!

Ruth said...

Yes it sure looks like Molly is enjoying snack time. I hate you don't have gymboree amy more.