Getting There...

Well if there is anything I'm consistent at it's being inconsistent with blogging - ha!
Last week I had a terrible cold, that has turned into a terrible - as in my teeth hurt - sinus infection.  Every time I think, hey this is clearing up, it gets worse immediately, how is this somehow like my child's sleep habits?!?
I shouldn't really say that...
James is sleeping through the night and taking a two to sometimes four hour nap in the afternoon - PRAISE THE LORD!  His wake-up time has been getting 15 minutes earlier day by day which I find strange, but I'll take five uninterrupted hours of sleep over 6/7 up every three hours.  Ahh parenting =)
Speaking of which, I took a mini parenting break this weekend, which was much needed and enjoyed.  I went to a Phi Mu luncheon with my mom in Orlando on Saturday. 

This was the first time I've left James with my husband and I knew that he was going to be better taken care of by him than by me.  Not that I don't think Josh is an amazing parent - because he's pretty darn awesome.  But I try to be pretty darn awesome most of the time, too.  I was just tired, sick and needed a break.  James did get his first hot dog on Saturday - but I guess this is where the nutritional balancing act comes in.
Now, I'm not back to being super mom by any means, but oh I enjoyed those few hours alone in the car.  It took me 15 months, being pretty darn sick and very overwhelmed by our house/move/life responsibilities to feel this way.  But I'm glad to be back in the swing of things, working on the house, getting things checked off my to-do list (heck getting to write a to-do list), and most importantly being a much better momma to my little guy.
We've had lots of playdates, trips to the gym, healthy meals, projects done, heck I've even gotten my hair cut, and FL drivers license this week and it's only Wednesday!

We took a short trip to the beach on Sunday and hoping to have a longer one this Memorial Day Weekend.

Molly found a great place to nap while I went for a swim on Sunday afternoon.



DeAnna Stephens said...

How cute is Molly!!!

Ruth said...

Molly did find the perfect nap spot.