Tonight at DAR

This evening at our Daughters of the American Revolution meeting we had a presentation on this history of American cookbooks.

America and Cookbooks, two of my very favorite topics.  If the spiked peppermint ice cream punch didn't already have me in a jolly mood, the evenings presentation did. 

First, I just love to read cookbooks, look-up and try new recipes.  I loved my mom's cookbooks and recipe card collection growing up.  Thumbing through the cards and figuring out new things we could try for dinner was always a favorite pastime. When I babysat for families in college, I would love to read all their Junior League cookbooks.  As out speaker said tonight, cookbooks reflect the society and time period in which they were written.  They really are a piece of Americana.  I honestly enjoyed the stories and history that went along with the recipes as much as the recipes themselves.

Then, once I became a member of the Junior League of Tampa, I saw how the cookbooks really reflect the women of the league and the community as a whole.  I learned so much about entertaining and being a good hostess from my experiences with these women.  Always bring a nice spread and a bottle of wine to every committee meeting!  Part of the spread better be a recipe from one of the leagues cookbooks-we knew and recognized every one.  A general membership meeting just wouldn't be the same without a hamwich, I need to make those for my Christmas Party this year.  The whole league is invested in the production of the cookbook, whether providing the recipes, testing the recipes, helping with the creation and layout of the book or selling them in the community.  It brought us all together, and we were proud of what we had to share.  I'm looking forward for my set of cookbooks from the Culinary Collection to be complete this year with the final in the series, Capture the Coast!  It's on my Christmas list, and I'm sure hoping it's under the tree.
I just loved being a part of that in Tampa.  The DC League doesn't care for cookbooks the same way the women of Tampa did.  I was at a meeting facilitated by the Chair of the Steering Committee.  The discussion was about planning our centennial celebration, but we would NOT be making a cookbook.  Sad face for me.

At least there are more cookbooks out there than I could ever imagine.  I'm looking forward to reading more and adding to my collection after tonight's presentation.  Our guest speaker had lots of great information to share with us, and it lead to a very fun discussion.  On of my favorite moments was when the elderly lady sitting behind me (we're talking 70's) said Google was her favorite cookbook-I about died y'all.  I was just tickled to death!

I hope everyone is getting out their cookbooks and making family favorites this holiday season!


Dee Stephens said...

I'm a huge fan of JL cookbooks too. NOLA's are always good and I tell you the best one I have? A friend in the San Diego League gave me their recent one and it is AWESOME! It's Cali cuisine with a lot of avocado, etc.
I'll send you a link if you're interested. I even bought extras to give as wedding gifts!

Shannon said...

Some of my favorite cookbooks are the ones from JL! So yummy! Ours here is called Bay Tables and is full of delish Southern recipes!

Suzie Homemaker said...

Look for it in the mail. I may have one in my stash with your name on it....

Lexilooo said...

Oh that would have been such an interesting thing to hear about it! I collect cookbooks and I think I have close to 200...I just moved a few weeks ago, and they were all in boxes, so it was seeming more like a million! I love reading them too, and getting ideas!

Ruth said...

What a great topic. I love flipping through cookbooks and websites looking for new things to try.

I Do Declare said...

I'm also a cookbook reader, and I too think the JL ones are the best!!!!

I keep waiting on an Urban Meyer post from you - heee!

DSS said...

So, are your DAR meetings fun? I mean, are there "young" women there? My DAR chapter doesn't have any members under the ages of 70. Well, that's not fair. I think there are 2 or 3 that are 50 :( I haven't gone in the last year or two because I've just found it so boring....I wish there was a younger chapter around here!