Christmas Spirit

The weather outside is frightful (30 degrees is too cold for this Florida girl)
But the fire is so delightful (only we put our Christmas tree next to the fire place so, no fire for use until after the holidays)
Since there's no place to go (yeah right it's the holidays, I'm double and triple booked)
Let it snow let it snow, let it snow (just wait until I'm in Florida, so I don't have to dig my car out).

Wow, maybe I'm not as in the Christmas spirit as I thought.  I'm keeping my Pandora set to Christmas music and have sent out my Party Invitations.

A cookie exchange with my JL small group
and everyone we know who lives in a semi drivable distance to our main affair- the save the date read a little something like this:
Josh and I will be hosting our Annual Holiday Party open house on Saturday, December 18, 2010 starting at 4 until we run out of food and drinks...

If you like your drinks spiked, sweets dipped in chocolate, cookies sprinkled with sugar, and everything else wrapped in bacon, then let me know your address, so we can get your invitation in the mail!!
Friday night is my preemptive cookie baking session, to be followed by two more next week.  I am bringing cookies to my DAR decorating and sorority alumni party on Saturday, then need to be ready to roll for two Junior League cookie exchanges and most importantly our Holiday Affair next week.  Josh's co-workers children have been talking about the cookies for over a month now.  Our Holiday Party may be right up there with Halloween for them-oh yes, it's that good!
We've invited some friends to join in the fun, and plan to sip on peppermint martini's-needless to say the royal icing may need to wait until next week-as I don't plan on being able to operate a decorating bag as the evening progresses-ha!
What are some of your favorite Christmas Cookies?  I'm looking to make at least 20 different varieties this year!  Pictures and popularity to follow!


Dee Stephens said...

I have my sorority cookie exchange on Sunday then I'm hosting my own/annual exchange next Sunday!
Hmm.. I'm going to make some coconut macaroons tonight but I'm also going to do sugar cookies.
I always make rum balls, peanut butter(with Hershey kisses), thumbprints, haystacks and more!

I Do Declare said...

TWENTY different varieties??? You are a festive little elf!!!

Ruth said...

wow! 20 varieties? I don't think I know that many cookie recipes at all.

Aja said...

I told Dave I was stressed out that I needed to bake 4 dozen cookies for my MOPS cookie exchange in a few weeks and he was like, "that won't take long" because he thought I was going to take Toll House break and bakes! I was horrified until I thought of how that would take about 30 minutes total and I thought, "Ummm, with two kids under 2, I just might!" I never thought I'd be like this!!!!

Shannon said...

So fun! Sounds like you're going to be very busy for the next few weeks! Love the invitations!

Lexilooo said...

One of my friends and I hosted a cookie exchange the last two years, but didn't this year, as she married and moved to New York (why?!). There just wasn't a good weekend where she could come down.

I hope we can do it again next year, but maybe this winter, I will host a pierogi making party instead. Not the same, but still super fun :)