Black Friday

So I thought I'd share my Black Friday Facebook posts with my blog buddies.  Yes, we are those people who get up at 4:00 am or in this year's case 3:00 am, and brave the cold and frantic crowds.  Josh wears a Santa hat and I wear glittery reindeer antlers.  It's pretty awesome to watch the crazies and get the bargains.
This year we drug my bestie Jen along and initiated her into our black Friday society at 3:15 am.

When we were leaving her house she was like, "ok, I'll follow you in my car."  To which we replied there would be no need, we were in the Xterra and never in our wildest imaginations did Josh and I think we could fill it up-but fill it up we did.

8:01 am Picture and Status Update : Black Friday 4 hours and $2,000 in. 
Did I mention in addition to wearing reindeer antler's and singing Christmas carols, we also sing patriotic songs?  We do this 1.  Because I love singing Patriotic Songs and 2. we are supporting the American economy by dropping a few g's to kick off the Christmas shopping season.  It 's fun.

9:22 Picture and Status Update : 5.5 hours in - not too much room left in the car
I mean the amount of store's we hit was amazing-we planned, we plotted, we bought!

10:32 am Picture and Status Update: Santa's sleigh is full. Time to go home boys and girls!
We couldn't even see Jen on the way home, she had a 4x4 block of space around her face and that is all.  We did hear from behind the comforter that she had managed to fog up the 4x4 piece on window-tres impressive Jen.  I think after all we got, I officially have a new and pretty amazing Black Friday shopping partner!


Hannah said...

Okay. You are AWESOME. I first thought "$2,000" they are freakin' crazy. But I spent about $100 online... then we booked a $1,600 cruise.

The only difference between our days is that I stayed in bed and kept comfy :) But you definitely got the better story!

Ruth said...

To funny! Glad y'all got a lot of the shopping out of the way

Kristin said...

Holy crap, your car is FULL! Sounds like a great time.