A Walk Around Town

I have been loving the Virginia weather the past few days.  It was HOT HOT HOT this weekend, but at some point a thunderstorm rolled through and brought with it a cool breeze.  I've been going for longer walks with Molly before work in the mornings.  I love seeing all the beautiful foliage in our neighborhood.  I like to give awards (in my mind) of who has the best looking yards and prettiest flowers. 

The Hydrangeas are my favorite, they are just huge and thriving.

I'm also pretty impressed with the beautiful climbing roses that some of my neighbors have.

So glad that there is a nice walkway around the lake in our neighborhood (Molly likes it, too).  Josh's office overlooks the lake, which is pretty neat.

It's so nice to be outside with the sun shining through the trees.

But even better that I spotted one of these on my back porch last night!



Kristin said...

What beautiful summer pics! Looks like you have an absolutely lovely neighborhood to walk in. Thanks for sharing the beauty with us :-)

Andrea said...

Beautiful! I love hydrangeas!

Jules said...

The weather up my way has been spectacular the past 2 days, but now we’re expecting rain. I’m glad you’ve had a few nice days as well. I love these photos that you took. The hydrangeas are beautiful and I love those climbing roes (my mom has something similar at her house and I admire it every summer).

Virginia Belle said...

I can't get enough of the weather we're having this week! I guess it's making up for the nasty humidity we had all weekend. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pictures :)