China Patterns

Today at Kelly's Korner, it's show us your china pattern.  As a girl who drempt of selecting a pattern, and now with a house full of three different collections, I am excited to share mine.  I love everything that china is about; the beauty, the occasions to us it and of course displaying meals for me, my family and guests!

I was lucky enough to start my china collection at a young age.  My aunt AB sent me a piece of Cuthbertson Original Christmas and Dickens Embossed pattern every year for Christmas.  At the age of 30 I have an outstanding collection that I LOVE.  She got me hooked on fine china at a young age.

With my fondness of all things crystal and china, I couldn't wait until the magical day that I got to roam around the department store and choose my patterns for my wedding registry.  I dreamed of it for years.
Then the time came for us to register.  My fiancee had moved to DC, and we had to register on a weekend he was home visiting me in Florida.  On a Sunday after church, we went to Macy's to make all my magical dreams of china, steam wear and silver come true. 

An empty stomach and uncomfortable high heels probably didn't get us off to the right start.  Then handing off the scanning gun to Josh turned into a blessing and a curse all at the same time.  At first, I picked elaborate colors, patterns, florals, scrolls and swirls.  Josh did not like any of it.  We decided to move on to linens and come back to china later.  We spent hours at the store.  Finally it came to a point that everything just got so overwhelming.  I had a short time frame, pinching high heels, and had become a hungry grumpy girl.  I ended up sitting on a display bed in the linen department and Josh would pick something out, show it to me and I would either approve or disapprove.  He 100% registered us.  My husband picked out EVERYTHING!  But it turns out he was able to find things that we both love.  I like that I have a "clean slate," so I can decorate with fun table linens, centerpieces and accent plates! 

Our everyday china is Mikasa Antique White.

Our Fine China is Lennox Federal Platinum.

We were able to use every piece of our 12 piece place setting and every serving dish at Thanksgiving this year.  Not every newly wed can say that!

Have a wonderful weekend.  I will be eating off paper plates and plastic cups because every last bit of china I own is put away in a box as we re-do our kitchen.  Can't wait to get it back out for my first meal in my new kitchen!


Beth McC. said...

Love all it!! Love the table being set, so pretty!

Lexilooo said...


Also, love the idea of your aunt sending you a piece each year! Maybe I will do something like that, when I become an aunt!

Virginia Belle said...

Love your everyday china! Oh and we're fine china twins, I have Lennox Federal Platinum as well! I love how classic it is.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Love it all! And, we also have Lennox Federal Platinum & the matching accent plates! I still love it, even 8 years later!

VA Gal said...

I love the china pictures - especially that Christmas china! My parents used to give me a piece of Lenox Christmas china every year from the time I was in high school, so I could relate to your story.

I'm a very new blogger and I've been enjoying reading your blog, so I just wanted to say hi!

I Do Declare said...

I wanted to say hi and thank you for joining on to follow me at my blog! I have the same formal china pattern, proving that Vols and Gators do have SOME things in common - hee!

Miss Janice said...

Love the Lenox Federal pattern...one the timeless and classic patterns which will never go out of style!