I have to share my slightly humorous horror story from my experience at the Lancome counter yesterday.

I got a phone call last week from an associate at Lancome to let me know that they were having a make-up artist come in to do summer look makeovers, and asked if I would be interested in having an appointment.  She also let me know that they had reserved a few of their gifts with purchase (that had ended the week before) for everyone who participated in the make-over event and made a purchase.

This was a great opportunity I thought because I had meant to buy my dual finish compact during gift with purchase, and didn't get around to it.  Plus I would love to get a new summer look-double bonus.

Now, being the make-up connoisseur that I am, I knew that this was a sales event.  I expected to be hit up to make a purchase after my make-over, and I was planning to get my standard compact, a new blush and possibly some new eye-shadow.  I went in prepared.

What I wasn't prepared for was that they also brought in a skin care expert, who gave me a delightful mini-facial before my summer look make-over.  After all was said and done, I was brought to the counter and every product that they had used for my skin care and makeover were there waiting waiting for me.  I have to say great approach, very similar to what I get at the spa after a facial, etc. 

Let me tell you there was NO product left behind here.  The counter was piled high.  This staff had their sales skills turned on high and I was surrounded and trapped by four associates on each side of me.  They turned the pressure on, and for every reason I gave why I didn't need a certain product they gave me 2 why I did.  I even said I wanted to wait until I finished up using all my Estee Lauder skin care products before I made a decision and was told how much better Lancome was and to use my Estee Lauder products on my hands (really people I am not putting $70 lotion on my hands). 

So I figured the safest way to get out of there unharmed was to pick and choose some products, see what the damage was and return what I didn't want later.  When they told me oh, it's not that bad, I was expecting to sign on the dotted line for something in the $400 range.  HA - think again sister.  Let's just say I ended up dropping a grand.  NOT ok.

Josh thought it was hilarious, and went along the lines of when I got to get a $25 oil change and end-up spending $150 because I get new wiper blades, cleaning fluids and air filters, etc.  I guess I'm an easy sale.  We did agree that I would return everything except my compact that I use on a daily basis.  I may have kept a thing or two, but the more time that passed the angrier I got that I was slightly taken advantage of.  So I am taking it all back-dang it.

I do have to say, I think the products are wonderful, and my skin looks and feels amazing.  But I just don't want to pay $1,000 for my skin care products right now.  Wish me luck when I go to return everything this afternoon (at a different store of course).


VA Gal said...

Oh no! Good luck with being able to return thins. I had an experience like this with Clinique when I was in college. I liked the products, but the hard sell technique just bothered me.

Charlotte said...

I have this anxiety everytime I go to just get my compact! Luckily I have developed a good relationship with my makeup beau and I give him the eat poo and die look if he tries to sell me anything! Unless I am in the market, I have to be firm! I am ALWAYS that sucker!!!!