Our Engagment Story

I am sharing my engagement story as part of Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life.

Josh and I had been dating for about a year and a half, and I had been wanting to get engaged for about a year and two months-ha!  Both of our parents had dated for about 2 months before they got engaged, and were both married 6 months after that.  I only thought it was fitting that we follow in their footsteps.  Josh had a different idea.

In the summer of 2008 Josh was offered a position at his company's corporate headquarters just outside of Washington DC.  We were thrilled for this amazing opportunity, but it left me feeling scared about where our relationship was headed once he left Florida.  I wanted that commitment before he moved away.  He of course liked stringing me along and said the time just wasn't right yet.  Despite what he said, I was hoping and wishing for a ring (I had been for a while).  For about a month before he left, I constantly had a fresh manicure-just in case!  I was a girl on a mission here...

For the fourth of July, my favorite holiday, Josh and I were going on a beach trip.    He planned everything and wouldn't tell me where we were going - it was a surprise destination.  When he picked me up outside my house, I figured he would finally tell me where we were headed.  But he had pre-programmed the address in the GPS and saved it as SURPRISE!  He was a man with a plan.

We stopped at a Sonny's BBQ for dinner on our four hour car trip.  We got off the interstate in Naples and drove to tropical Marco Island.  He had made reservations for a beautiful suite at the Marriott Resort. 

The resort was a perfect blend of old-Florida with all the modern amenities. 

We woke up super early the morning of the fourth after a great breakfast, we headed out to the beach where Josh had rented us a private cabana. 

Deliveries of every magazine I could possibly want to read, fruity drinks and a great lunch from one of the hotels many restaurants made for a great day.

After getting cleaned up from a day out on the water, Josh took me to an amazing restaurant on the hotel propriety for dinner.  It was so much fun!  After dinner we headed out to the beach to watch the firework show-two of my absolute favorite things-the beach and fireworks!

As we stood out on the sand, the music from a band playing on the pool deck floated in the air.  We began to dance to their tunes.  Josh spun me around, as I was turning, he got down on one knee.  When I faced him it was moment I had been waiting for my entire life.  He asked me to marry him!  Of course I said YES!  Just ask the shock began to settle, the fireworks began. 

We watched the firework show, and called our parents from the beach to share the good news.  When we headed up to the suite, chilled champagne and chocolate covered strawberries were waiting for us.

I'm so glad to have such a wonderful partner to share my life with.

Totally in LOVE.


VA Gal said...

Oh, that is such a sweet story. And what a romantic engagement trip!

Lexilooo said...

Love this story!

So in order to get my boyfriend to propose, you are suggesting that I get weekly manicures? :)