Weekend Write Up

I just had a wonderful weekend! Friday night Lacey and I spent a fun evening together. We picked up sushi and made Skinny Girl Margaritas. Chatted up a storm and while watching The September Issue. I think we had to pause the movie more than we actually had it streaming to discuss very important topics along the way.

I brought over the outfits I am planning to wear to my cousins wedding this upcoming weekend in Newnan, and Lacey did what she does and Styled me! I am so excited and can't wait to wear all my cute dresses (and beautiful borrowed jewelry). Thanks to Lacey!

After our slumber party, I picked up bagels on my way home. Josh and Molly were excited to see me, and after our late start we spent the rest of the day hiking some trails at Great Falls National Park. Molly loved jumping up and down on all the rocks along the Potomac. On the way home, we picked up some veggies and fish to grill out. It was a great day! Josh is really getting good use out of his new grill.

Sunday morning Lacey and I went to a private shopping event she planned for some of her clients who are wedding planners to bring their clients in to shop shop shop! It was so fun. The cater had an amazing spread, and all the fresh flowers were BEAUTIFUL. Although I held back as much as I could, I did enjoy a mini blueberry scone sandwich with prosciutto and cheddar (or two).

After the event we lunched, and then I did something that I have never done before. I cleaned my closets and only have the items that are in season and my size hanging up. Wow! Ok Ok - that isn't the complete truth. I have all my dry cleaned dresses and suits that are out of season/size still up, but on their own rack, not mixed in with everything else. This makes getting ready so much quicker and fun! I can actually see and easily pick out my viable options - very nice. Needless to say I created a HUGE donation pile, and next on the list will be shoes. Probably another post all together...

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