Caught Up

I have finally caught up on my google reader!  After a week vacation a month ago I have read all the posts I missed and everything since then.  Speaking of vacation, Colorado was wonderful.  We had a great time, except for my incident walking sliding into the spa our second to last day out there.  My back is still not the same, but tailbone injuries just take time to heal.  I'll be sitting on my donut at work until then...

Since we rented a condo, we were I was able to cook some dinners at home.  I brought a few Pioneer Women recipes with me that I had been wanting to try.  They did not disappoint.  I am in love with her salsa and Josh said the Chicken Piccata was the best thing I have ever made for him.  Next trip I am going to see if Ree will just accompany us - wouldn't that be great?!

Funny thing is, although I insisted that Josh bring our camera with him everyday, we didn't take a single picture on the slopes.  This was mainly because Josh primarily skied the double black diamonds and the back mountain and I stuck to the greens.  The few times I was a little daring and tried some more difficult slopes with him ended with me faceplanting into the snow; followed by tears, a few "I hate yous" and me walking while Josh carried my skis down the rest of the mountain. 

Not really a picture worthy moment. 

Although, come to think of it, Josh does try to capture me at my worst on our vacations.  Specifically, I am thinking of an incident where I was feeling a little sea sick after a snorkeling excursion in Grand Camen.  Instead of helping me out, he was snapping pictures...geee.  So we have pictures of me getting sick on a random beach in the Caribbean, but nothing from our ski vacation -AWESOME!

On our way into Denver the last day we stopped for the Coors Brewery Tour in Golden.  It was so much fun.  The tour was free and we got samples along the way.  They were also kind enough to take a picture of us.  Of course the picture cost $20 at the end of the tour, but since we didn't have anything else to document our vacation, I went ahead and bought it.

After lunch at a local pizza place that our tour guide recommended, we headed to the airport, returned our Jeep Grand Cherokee and hung out in the red carpet club until our flight left.  Let me tell you sitting on a 3 hour flight with a fresh tailbone injury is not the best way to spend a Saturday evening.  I wiggled and squirmed the whole way home.  All in all the trip was wonderful and I was so glad to share a week with my wonderful husband, while we got to do one of his favorite things.


Jules said...

I’m so glad that you had a nice vacation and that’s awesome you brought along some new recipes to try. I hope the injury from the spa heals soon. That sounds painful. Usually the word spa and the word pain don’t go together!

I’ve never been skiing but have always wanted to try.

That is a cute pic of you and Josh at the brewery!

K.S. Anthony said...

Tailbone injuries are horrible.

Why did you actually attempt skiing? Dangerous. So much safer to just cover yourself in snow and then go drink by the fire. I thought the whole point was just to bring a bunch of cool ski gear and then get plastered at the lodge. That was my take on it, anyway.

Hope you feel better soon!