Summer Linens

My current summertime look for our table:

Courtesy of Vera!

(although I will probably add some of those items to my linen collection eventually).


My husband buys fresh cut flowers every week.


I think we should go for some more colorful flowers this week.  I was planning to pick something out at the Farmers Market on Saturday, but decided to read a book and watch the Cooking Channel instead.  By the way - who else is obsessed with the new Cooking Channel - I can't get enough of it.

A close up of the flowers:

I just love the hand painted design, and bright colors!  It almost makes up for all the flowers I have killed so far this summer in my flower boxes.  Apparently no one likes a week with temps in the 100's and no rain, including my flowers.  I will be heading to the garden center to find a few replacements for those who couldn't stand the heat, may they rest in peace. 


VA Gal said...

Very cute! And how sweet of your husband to bring in fresh flowers each week. That is so sweet!

Screen Door Prep said...

My sweet Prince brings fresh flowers all the time, too! Love that!

Thank you for the intro to Vera Nemann. What lovely linens!

& yes, I, too, am a bit obsessed with the new Cooking Channel. =) Of course, My Prince & I are already a bit obsessed with the Food Network because it's one of those rare channels on which we can almost always find something we BOTH genuinely want to watch.

Glad you enjoyed my orange today - & celebrated "with" me! Ha!

Enjoy your week! =)

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

i have a couple of vintage vera scarves, but i had no idea she did table linens too! be still my heart! love these so much....and it doesn't hurt to adorn that table with fresh flowers too. what a good man!

Laura said...

I ADORE fresh cut flowers! And you are such a lucky girl that your Husband bring them every week. Don't let go of that one!