To my pleasant surprise AMC was running a marathon of the second season of Mad Men last night.  I'm so glad that my DVR is set to record every. single. episode. What if I missed it?  I shudder to think.

Who else is so excited for the season starting next week?  What's to come for the new ad agency and Betty's new life?

Then a few short weeks later my guilty pleasure of housewives now in my own hometown.

I am going to be logging some serious late summer TV time.  I may as well spend as much quality time with my couch while I can.  Football season is fast approaching, and I won't know which way is up or really which SEC city I have just left or are headed to is more like it.   So long to sofa time, and hello to interstate 81-we'll be seeing a lot of each other.

A rather interesting thought process taking me from my favorite TV shows to college football, I'm a lonely tailgator, what can I say?


Lacey said...

Come join me on my couch! I can't get enough of summer TV. Adding to your list, I can't get enough of Big Brother, True Blood, and Top Chef. Ah...I shudder to think that summer use to be a bunch of reruns!

Virginia Belle said...

I've never seen Mad Men but really want to start catching up on the 1st and 2nd seasons. I am so excited for The Real Housewives of DC! It should be very interesting :)

Anonymous said...

Thank got there is no Boston Housewives addition, I am so drawn to campy TV I could not resist it!