Copy that, America!

I thought I'd share an email that we got from my brother about how he celebrated the Fourth while deployed.

Hello to everyone!

With only a month left on my deployment we took some time to celebrate July 4th. None of us had the day off but we found ways to celebrate.  I had pre-flight duties on the 4th where we crank up a jet and run
through all the ground checks and make sure it's ready to fly when the primary crew arrives.

Along with taking a few snap-shots we had some fun and ended every radio call with "America". When we called to get clearance to start engines we said: "Ground this is Bone-11 standing by engine start, America!".  Best of all the ground controller caught on and responded "Bone-11 engine start approved, America". Not wanting to sound unprofessional and to make sure everyone knew what was going on we replied "Bone-11 copies approved, America!". At this point the three of us in the jet were laughing out loud and had to take a second to get our act together and continue running the checklist but it was a great start. We finished up all of our checks and handed the jet over to the prime crew and watched them takeoff.

I flew with my crew on the 5th and am going to fly again today. It's always great being up in the air and having the chance to provide overwatch for the guys on the ground.

I hope all is well with everyone back home, I can't wait to join you back in America!
Murph and his crew

His deployment mustache has come in nicely-ha!

God Bless America!


VA Gal said...

Thanks for sharing that! And many thanks to your brother for serving this country!

Melissa said...

Very cool story...I know you are so proud of him and will be so happy to have him home. God bless him and all of our troops!

K.S.Anthony said...

Glad Murph's got the bullet-proof 'stache going. Hope you and your family are well.

DSS said...

What beautiful pictures :) Thanks for sharing your brother's letter. I'm so glad they were not only able to celebrate...but to laugh as well. They sure deserve it!