Two Weeks from Today

When Josh came to say goodbye before leaving for work this morning, he asked if I realized that the packers will be here two weeks from today.  Yes and no...

We are in the process of buying a beautiful home in FL and selling ours here, all the bumps up and down in these processes have been a little hard on me.  I'm inspired to have a positive attitude focusing on moving forward, and not getting angry and upset with just about every little detail of this relocation.

We are so excited for the next chapter in our lives, but I'm having a hard time closing the one here.  The next few weeks will be spent jamming in as much time with friends as possible, visiting a few museums and saying goodbye to the only place we've lived as a married couple. 

Needless to say I want to get in as much good as possible, and there is a lot of good friends, good food and good times to be had.  I may have been one of the few who enjoyed the late-in-the-year snow storm yesterday, because it will be one of the last I'll experience, that is until we go skiing next spring. 
James liked it, too.

We had a fantastic time seeing the works of the worlds best artists this past weekend, and knocking a few more restaurants off our DC bucket list.  Excited that peak cherry blossom bloom will be the week we leave and am so thrilled to take James to see them in all their splendor.
Michelangelo's David-Apollo at the National Gallery of Art

So we are off to write the final few pages of our life in the nations capitol, I hope the next few weeks are a good finale to whats been the best part of my life thus far.


Dee Stephens said...

I don't blame you. I would be soaking it all in too.

Ruth said...

Enjoy every minute. And especially enjoy the cherry blossom season.