Rainbows and Sunshine

I knew buying, selling and moving would be a little crazy.  But I being in the trenches feels a little like being sucker punched in the gut and wacked on the head with a bat simultaneously after running a marathon.

The marathon being, cleaning, packing and staging our home.  With a baby to look after, that only happened after he was asleep.  Since the beginning of January I've been averaging 4 hours of sleep a night.  Obviously resulting in me being cheerful, positive and productive all day long...

Ironically I know we are so unbelievably blessed with the circumstances of our move, being able to sell our home, and being able to afford something more comfortable in Florida, but for some reason all I can see is the negative and boy, do I want to complain!  Josh is beyond tired of hearing about ALLLL my troubles which could be listed a few tiers above first world problems to say the least.

To be honest our selling process probably isn't that painful, it's all the uncertainty.  Just when I think it's figured out wham, bang, boom - no ma'am it ain't happening that way.

My sons sleep schedule - forget about it.  We went into listing on a two nap a day schedule - which we were both very happy with.  Now I have a very confused and tired unscheduled little guy, and I'm still trying to figure out how I get to take a shower if he won't take a dang nap. 

Don't get me started on decorating and undercoating for his birthday party, for impromptu showings - it was AWESOME.  I know I deserve to be stabbed with a plastic party fork for complaining.

My main frustration is why I'm having such a hard time trusting in GOD?  I know we are in his hands, he molded the path we are cruising down - yet all I want to do is yank every issue and problem back from him and sulk.

So I've been spending James' new nap time checking a few things off the old to-do list and trying to pray for positivity, when what I really want to do is bang my head against my desk because I just realized 3/4 of the places that we thought we were going to be looking at in FL are under contract and I'm not exactly thrilled with the few remaining on our list. 

All rainbows and sunshine over here....


Dee Stephens said...

LOVE your house! Hang in there girl!

Kristin said...

Your home is beautiful!

Ruth said...

The house is looking great. And as hard as it is with it all happening keep the positive of being back in Florida and closer to family in mind.