Birthday Boy

We had so much fun celebrating on James' birthday.

Well we started a little early on Thursday night with a special Elmo balloon as we were checking out at the store.
 Daddy and I sang happy birthday at breakfast before James enjoyed his organic, gluten free blueberry waffle.
 After a great morning nap, we headed to Mother Goose Rhyme Time at the library - it was also our teachers birthday, too! 

 Just a few short weeks ago he would cry and cry when we brought out the parachute - but now he laughs and laughs.  Such a big boy.
After all the fun with your friends, we headed to Doodlehoppers for James to pick out a little extra birthday happy.

We played with the train tracks for a while, since I haven't decided on a train table and tracks yet, and we already had all his other gifts-we held off on coming home with Thomas and Friends.

I was trying to let James pick out a toy, preferably something small in the finger puppet category, but he kept picking this UGLY raccoon.
Luckily I redirected and we came home with a fun wooden firetruck.

Lunch was Annies Shells and Cheese with steamed broccoli - I thought that would be a fun treat, followed by an afternoon nap.  Afterwards we were up and down the stairs 110+ times.

Dinner was pesto green beans and turkey meatballs, which James of course gobbled up. An extended bath time, sweet songs and lots of stories preceded bed time.  We needed good rest to get ready for swim lessons and his party the next morning!

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Dee Stephens said...

Can't wait to hear about his party!