Pumpkin Patch 1.0

We had our very first trip to the Pumpkin Patch this past weekend.  It was a little more than a pumpkin patch - maybe more of a fall festival at Cox Farms.  I should have realized when I hit bumper to bumper traffic a mile out on a 2 lane country road that what was in store was much more than pumpkins in a field...

I've been dying to go with my bestie Jen every since I saw her son's pumpkin patch pictures years ago, so we joined a few thousand (yes thousand) other families on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  A little overwhelmed by the swarms of people I left my good camera in the car, that in addition to our pumpkin outfit not in just yet and daddy being at the Redskins Games, our first visit to the pumpkin patch, most certainty won't be the last.

The pictures I did capture on my cracked and fading faster than I can update my apps iphone were pretty darn cute.

We baby bijorned through the corn maze.
 James was a little uncertain at first on the hayride.

How do I get off this thing?!

 He hung onto momma pretty tight

 My new facebook profile picture - thanks to our fall adventures

 James started to warm up to the hay- he had lots of fun playing with it.

 Hey, I like hay.

 Despite all the fun around him, what was the only thing he was interested in?  Hay.

 He finally found the pumpkins to be slightly amusing.

 Then the pumpkin hat got passed on from Jen

 I died a little bit

 We both had so much fun

 I love this profile.  He just has every last bit of my heart

Can't wait for more fun at our next adventure...
Pumpkin Patch 2.0


Dee Stephens said...

Cute!! Can't wait to take Shelby next year :)

Ruth said...

What a great tradition to start going to a festival instead of just a pumpkin patch.

Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

So glad you had fun at Cox Farm! We haven't been in years. Did you see the mini goats?! They were my favorite.