Family Game Day

I'm really loving game days with my family.

 A few weeks ago, while watching a game at a friends house, I commented how you really can't beat watching a game lounging on a sofa, sitting in AC, hearing what happened during the play on the hi-def TV and eating ice cream. 

My younger self WOULD HAVE DIED.  I can't believe how things have changed.  When we are at games, we usually are in the shade, have a TV to look at and even ice cream during the third quarter - thanks champions club.  Still I can't believe I actually said out loud that I really like watching games on TV in the comfort of home (at someone's house vs a game viewing party). 

The social aspect of going to games and tailgating all over the SEC, has always been my favorite pastime of mine and Josh-heck it's how we met and fell in love. There hasn't even been a time in my life until now that I haven't been on the board of the Gator Club in whatever city we were living in-which entails watching games with all the other Gator fans in the geographic region.

But things change...

Babies don't go to bars, and jet setting throughout the south eastern (and now kind of western) conference seems a little more daunting with a baby on board.

Although my taste in game-viewing has matured evolved, one thing is still the same.  The Gator Games I've enjoyed the most are the ones watched with my very best friends.

I'm glad James has already learned this lesson.

Editors note: they were not actually watching the game, we still honor the "no TV for babies" guidelines at our house.  Luckily bed time was about 30 minutes after kick-off so mommy only missed the fist quarter, and daddy "owes me one."


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Dee Stephens said...

No TV for babies?
How cute are they in the gameday gear!