Between my attempts to be 'unplugged' whiles James is awake, a shattered iPhone screen (when will my 5 get here?) and all our fun activities. I have not devoted any time to blogging.

Exhibit A Fun times in the park.

I'm trying to make quiet time with my bible and prayer journal happen more often AND it's just making the biggest difference in my life. While I'm very glad to fill my time this way, something g had to go and that something was writing here.

I can't tell you how many places I've read to get up before everyone else and it makes the day run so much smoother. I really want to do this, so I'm not playing catch up all day (speaking of which I need to change out of my yoga pants-right now!)

I've been able to add lots of Tweeks that are improving our lives, and I hope this wake up early one will be the addition for next week.

It's officially fall with cooler temps and my first pumpkin spice latte under my belt (I have temperature requirements of 60 or below).

A new cute hair-do, smaller sized jeans (yay) and some more "mom" cloths ordered. I have found a mom style blog I love that I want to share with hopefully a post and ideas with what I'm doing to figure out how to dress when playing on the floor is my main daily activity.

Need to finish James 8 month post (how is this possible) and about a million other things on my very long to do list.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Ours will be full of picnics, football, tailgating, pumpkin patching, musical play dates, lots of laughing, hugs, kisses and one very runny nose.

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Melissa said...

Good for you….the adage is true that they are only young once and you don't get that time back. Just so you know, getting up before them is hard at first but it really does make your day go more smoothly so I recommend.

Ruth said...

Yeah for smaller jeans. I am sure you can tackle this get up early thing you do with anything you put your mind too.
I am anxious for my new IPhone to arrive too. I have checked my order twice this week in the hopes that it might ship sooner than said.