Salt Water and Sun

Growing up in Florida meant growing up in the water. There is in fact no place where I am happier than at the beach. The smell of the ocean, the sand between my toes, the sea breeze blowing on my face, the sound of the waves meeting the shore. I love every aspect of being at the beach.

Living in Northern Virginia, we don't get to log that much beach time. When Josh's co-worker invited us to his beach house in Maryland this past weekend, we were excited to go. Life at the beach is so much better, I just love it. I was thrilled we got to introduce James to the water, and enjoyed our day on the Chesapeake.

He loved being out on the boat.

As did I.

He was overdue for a nap, when we brought him to the pool to cool off after being on the boat.

He was not a fan at first.

But warmed up some.

And Eventually really enjoyed himself.

We are looking forward to much more pool and beach time this summer.




Melissa said...

Love the gator plaid crab outfit! So glad you had some sand between your toes this weekend…nothing like it!

Dee Stephens said...

Better to get him exposed early!!

The Lasher Family said...

LOL! Your post cracked me up! I love the fact that you called the bay by it's real name and consider it a beach! Oh you native Floridian... next time hit up Ocean City, now that's a real beach! =)