Kick Off to the Weekend

Nothing like your dyer catching on fire to kick off your weekend.  We are all fine and were paid a visit by some very handsome firemen. 

My somehow manageable to-do list for today is thrown off to say the least.  Who wants to go to the laundry mat in super hot temps with a baby?  Not me!

Well at least momma gets a new washer and dryer =)

Any recommendations?  We've had front loaders in the past, but now a top loader washer-which I actually like better than the old (newer) front loader.  I would love the extra "workspace" that having a front loader would bring to our laundry closet/room.  But clean clothes is the objective.

We are just adding the shopping, buying and delivery of a new washer and dryer to our weekend plans, which involve a date night AND Beach Trip. 

New Washer and Dryer, Sun and Sand, Dinner and Drinks-not sure what more I could ask for, well maybe lots of Hugs and Kisses. 

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Ruth said...

No that is not how to start off a weekend. I am glad y'all are safe though.