Right on Time

I wrote a post on Friday about how much we are loving being on a schedule/routine, but I guess it never posted and I can't find it anywhere-oh well.

We are LOVING being on a schedule. We have taken tips and tricks from Babywise and Moms On Call to make a system that really works well for us. Week two, hungry James had to get a bottle after most of his hour long nursing sessions, but we are both getting better at this whole eating thing and he is getting 'topped off' fewer and fewer times a day and cutting his nursing session time down to 30-45 minutes, YES!

Plus I am figuring out how to manage my day better to accomplish more, like actually getting dressed the past 5 days. No more pajama land for me, although I did get quite a few cute pairs prior to James' arrival.

Another thing I'm proud of? Taking a shower and brushing my teeth every single day since I gave birth. I felt it needed documenting.

I owe a lot of my success to my fantastic husband, who is in charge of bed time bath and bottle as well as the midnight errr 2/3 am feeding. Granted I supply the food, he's the one getting out of bed. This means at least 8 hours of sleep for mama. I am not a napper, so this sleep session is the glue holding us all together. James goes down around 9:30, eats again at 2:30/3 and is ready to start the day around 8/8:30 in the morning. God bless him!

Nannie is always on hand to sing, read and tell James funny stories during awake/alert time, and has been a huge help with laundry. She was sweet enough today to watch him while I got a massage. I'm on cloud 9 after that and my Chic Fil A lunch-yum!

Speaking of yum Josh treated me to a huge sushi dinner on Saturday night and I had my first coffee in ten months this morning, Ahhh it was good. But I need to get some Dunkin beans and good creamer on our next trip to the grocery store.

Someone else may want some coffee - that's a HUGE yawn!

Lots of Love,



Melissa said...

So glad that you are into a good schedule that works for you and James-that is the key!

I love his Gator quilt-so adorable! Have a wonderful week!

Dee Stephens said...

Just from the one picture I can tell you've lost a ton of weight!

The Lasher Family said...

Any day I get to take a shower is an accomplishment... today I didn't shower until 1pm, after Bella went down for her nap. I always manage to brush my teeth and wash my face in the morning, some how. =)

Schedules make life so much easier and it helps make babies a little more predictable. Good job mama!

DC Girl in Pearls said...

Aww James is such a cutie pie!! I love the gators on his baby clothes!