Baby Budget

The title of my post is laughable.  I'm sure Josh is getting a kick out of it right now.  Getting ready for baby is expensive.  I am by no means an extreme couponer and bought everything for our little guy from Pottery Barn Kids, Babies R Us and other such retail stores.  I just wanted everything to be brand new and "just right" for our baby.  I love a deal, but wanted to read reviews on EVERYTHING and be the first to open the box and use whatever items we had for our little guy.  I know, I know...

There are lots of great ways to save when getting ready for baby, other than failing miserably at trying to use coupons at Babies R Us, I didn't use too many of them.  But I've learned a lot along the way and am much more confident in making my purchases-these are some savings sites and techniques I've picked up these past 10 months.

Now that I am getting a better hand on things and more confident in what I think we will need I plan to frequent some of the spring seasons consignment sales.  In the DC area-this site has just about every parenting resource you could want.  From what activities are going on this weekend to every consignment sale in the area www.our-kids.com/ is the place to find it.

Deal of Day Websites

I have not purchased from everyone of these sites, but do take a look at all of them from time to time.

www.Totsy.com – Deals that last for a few days, fun to look ahead to see what’s coming.
www.Zulily.com – Even have the app on my iphone.  Deals start at 9 am EST, but last a few days.  Love all the items they offer for mom’s, too.
www.plumdistrict.com – Love the local deals available on this site.
www.Theminisocial.com – Deals for mom, baby and children, up to 70% off.  Very trendy items.
www.babysteals.com-Deal starts at 11AM EST & 11 PM EST and they offer one baby or maternity item at up to 80% off. They offer really great brands on this site.
www.kidsteals.com- A sister site of Baby Steals, their sales also start at 11AM EST & 11 PM EST.  Both Baby and Kids Steals also offer up steals on the weekend for items that may have not sold out.
www.mamabargains.com -.  Instead of one deal everyday, they offer up many throughout the day.  This is one site you want to check often.
www.babyhalfoff.com -You will find great items here for baby, kids and mom for half off or more.  New deals are posted at 10AM EST.  They also offer great deals and giveaways on their facebook so check them daily.
www.ecobabybuys.com-They offer up one eco-friendly or organic baby products everyday starting at 9am EST with items up to 40% off.
www.greenbabybargains.com - Just like their name states, they offer up one deal a day, Mon-Fri starting at 12:00PM EST on a green baby item.  Not just baby though; kids up to age 5 plus parents.  Every product listed on their site is eco-friendly.  Stop by on the weekends to see if any products didn’t sell out.
www.minibargainz.com -Great bargains for babies with great discounts.  Deals start at 6AM EST.
www.babyheist.com - They offer a deal a day for baby and kids 40% off or more
www.kids.woot.com - Their deals start at midnight CT and you’ll find toys, accessories, and other kid related products in their sales.
http://bumpbargains.com/-This is actually one deal a day on a designer maternity item. 

Coupons, Free Offers, Deals
Pampers Points: Gifts to Grow.  Enter codes from pampers purchases to redeem for toys/supplies in the future http://en.giftstogrow.pampers.com
-Everyone told me to do this, I’ve found lots of free gifts to grow offers from www.thesuburbanmom.com and http://thefrugalgirls.com/
I only have a few packages of diapers, but have logged a few hundred points thanks to the blogs above.

I’m planning to breastfeed, but have gotten a few containers of free formula and coupons from signing up for these coupons.  This will be great if we need back-up, otherwise I will donate to a charity to help out a mom in need.  There are also gift packs that Similac, Enfamil and Gerber have for new parents at the hospital and they all offer apps for iphones.  I’m planning to use the Similac App to help with tracking feedings, diaper changes, etc.  A free version of an Itzbeen. 

Sign up for coupons that are mailed to you

Similac couponshttp://similac.com/
Send coupons and samples

Enfamil coupons-  https://www.enfamil.com   
Like Gerber and Similac, Enfamil sends awesome coupons! 

Smocked, Monogrammed and Just Plain Cute Outfits
I haven’t mastered all the facebook sales yet, but these are some of my favorite smocked deal sites.  I actually researched a little to post info about all of them, so I think I understand how to buy things from all these shops now-ha!
Can’t wait to order his Easter outfit and become a monogramming fool (we have to pick a name for that to happen-ha)

Facebook Flash Sale (fast and quick have to get order in at time of sale)T&Th at 9:30 pm EST

Facebook - Preorder's all orders are honored S, M, T, W

Facebook Flash Sale M & W at 9 pm EST

Facebook - 3 Types of Sales  Ready to ship, Preorder, and Monogrammed- M & Th Mornings

Facebook - Shopping done through FB App, S, M, T, Th 10 am and/or 9 pm EST

Facebook - T & Th 8:30 pm EST

M, T, W, Th at 9 pm EST

Cute Website

Where do you try to save on things for your kiddos?


Aja said...

Definitely sign up for Amazon Mom. It's not as good as it used to be, but you'll still save 20% on diapers and they're delivered right to your door on a schedule. Wonderful! You can use coupons on there too.

Other than that, I use Gymboree sales a lot because I love a lot of their collections and I like the boys to coordinate.

I personally haven't loved my luck with flash sites, so I think I'm scared to try more and I'm not on FB so those smocked sites are a no go. I have also found that consignment sales are much better for girls than boys. I seem to have a different style for my boys than most who sell at the ones down here. I have great luck finding cheap, gently used smocked clothes on Ebay. There's a lot of expensive ones, but there's usually deals too. I think I got the boys 4 smocked Christmas outfits for about $40 total.

I'll admit I'm no bargain shopper either...I'm just glad I have two boys because girls might have bankrupted us.

Jenae said...

I love amazon mom, and diapers.com both deliver to your door.

Mama T said...

What a great list! Thanks for sharing!

I'm a big Amazon mom fan. We get all our diapers delivered to our door - can't beat it!

I also love Gymboree for play clothes. They have great sales and gymbucks - so make sure to sign up for a gymcard!

The Lasher Family said...

Great list! You'd better start couponing because these little dudes and dudettes get expensive! Ask Ian... as the father of one daughter, soon to be two, his wallet cringes at the sound of my voice. =)

Grocery store baby clubs - Publix has an awesome baby club that sends quarterly coupons. I once bought three cans of formula, two containers of baby wipes and two packages of diapers for $9 (with Publix coupons and manufacturer coupons). I donated the formula and used the rest. Not sure which grocery stores offer a similar program up north, but it's worth exploring.

Buy Buy Baby in Rockville is another awesome baby store. They send out 20% coupons and you can also use your Bed Bath & Beyond coupons there.

Check out the following shops on Facebook for ADORABLE, custom made clothes for kids:

Pixie Stitch - LOVE Lisa and the clothes she makes. She made Bella's Valentine's Day outfit and it is absolutely adorable.

Barefoot Babies - Amy is on hiatus until April but she has made several beautiful outfits for Bella.

IzzyB Designs - Jerica has made several outfits for Bella but also posts new vendors and sales for custom made clothing for kids.

And check to see if there is a Just Between Friends (JBF) consignment sale near you. Paying retail for clothes is so not worth it (trust me, I know).

Good luck and have that baby soon!