Madame Butterfly

Last night Josh and I went to see Madame Butterfly at the Kennedy Center.  It's a real treat whenever I'm asked to accompany him on any corporate event.  Fancy catered dinner in the private dining room, a driver taking us into the city, and always amazing seats...what's not to love?!

The Kennedy Center is so stately and beautiful. 

One of my favorite things about living in this area, is that every turn I make, I am surprised by a glowing monument, historic building or statue in a park (I usually end up getting a pretty good view as I drive around a few times... I still haven't mastered all the roundabouts DC has to offer).  Anytime I come upon one, I always think of the references to Dupont Circle it in the movie American President.

The President asks, "You didn’t get stuck on Dupont Circle again? To which Sydney replies, "It’s not funny- I hate that place! Can’t you declare it a Federal Disaster Area, or something?"  --So true, but I believe all traffic deserves that title at rush hour around here.

Anyway back to the show...Madame Butterfly

Walking into the Kennedy Center is always so grand, the deep red carpet, the flags from around the world, it's just breath taking. 

What's not breath taking, the swarms of people in blue jeans.  I do realize that all types of events and shows take place all day everyday at the Kennedy Center, and that the matinees are getting out just as we would be arriving for an evening show.  I just wished people would "dress" for the events, but that just doesn't happen anymore.  

Once we found our way out of the Hall of Nations to the Opera House foyer, I was pleased to see most everyone was dressed appropriately-how fun!
Before entering the Opera House, I was on a mad dash to find at pair of opera glasses, or as I like to refer to it-optoculars.  Silly me forgot my glasses, and even though we had fantastic seats, I wanted to see the detail of the costumes and sets.  I could have sworn that at past events we were able to rent them, but not last night.  Into the gift shop I went with hopes of walking out with a pair.

How lovely, but at $90 Josh was not really thrilled to buy them for me.  We did however reach a compromise.  I wore his glasses and he got these (te he he)


The show was beautiful, my favorite scene was when Cio-Cio-San filled the house with flowers upon the impending arrival of her husband BF Pinkerton.  Pink and white petals floated down from above as the beautiful Italian lyrics filled the hall.  It made me so excited for spring to arrive!

We love every chance we have to go to the Kennedy Center, and plan to return soon to see Wicked later this season.


I Do Declare said...

I love the KC, too, but haven't been in years! Years ago when I had friends working in the Bush White House I got to sit in the President's Box a few times - that was special! I'm more than a tad jealous of your driver!!!!

Ruth said...

My biggest memory of the Kennedy Center was in the 5th grade we were there for a ballet & in the top balcony a friend leaned over the rail. I almost lost a hand because the friend next to me was freaked out by heights and put my and in a death grip. The center is gorgeous.