Early to bed...

How does it always happen that when I have the most going on, and great things to share, I never have time to do it.  Actually the first week of the month is always a doozy for me, with DAR, Junior League, sorority advisers meeting and my monthly DC Gator Club board meeting.  I went for broke and scheduled a sorority alumnae committee meeting as well-which probably explains why I ended up in bed at 8:15 on a Friday night (or maybe it was the big ole drunken ribeye I had at happy hour turned dinner).

A low-key evening was just what I needed, I caught up with a few friends on the phone, a few shows on the dvr and now I'm watching a food network special  Gaida in Paradise: Santorini, which is getting me totally excited for our trip in a few months.  Santorini (and Mykanos and Athens) here we come! 

I've been so busy lately that I haven't even begun to plan our trip.  Well, the travel agent has booked all our flights and hotels-but the research and figuring out all the awesome things to do-half the fun is planning everything, and then picking out all my outfits!  Humm, I need to pencil in some time for that on my calendar-ha!
I am enjoying flipping through all the spring catalogs that are coming in the mail, can't wait to wear lots of dresses this spring, and pick up a few new items for our trip! 
Another thing I'm planning to enjoy ----sleeping in on Saturday morning!  I could and should be volunteering to prepare for the junior leagues annual thrift sale, Tossed and Found, where I have spent more early Saturday mornings than I care to remember over the past two months.  When sorting through other's donations, my favorite section to bring items to is bric-a-brac and sub section within bric-a-brac is fringed lamshades, like this one I told Josh I was going to bring home.
And after I sleep in?  I'm joining weight watcher then going to the chocolate lovers festival down the street-that's just the ridiculous way I roll.  Happy Weekend!

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Lorin Drinkard said...

Sleeping in on Saturdays is definitely something to look forward too! And wearing dresses - spring is on its way. 11 days & counting ...