With Sugar On Top

There's a fresh white coating over the landscape tonight.  It's my favorite kind of snow-the really wet kind that sticks to everything, like God sprinkled us with a good measure of powdered sugar.

Of course this somehow made our power go out.  As the lights flickered, I counted 3-2-1 before the house grew dim, slightly disappointed that I wouldn't be eating the pan of "about to be roasted"  brussels sprouts that I was fixing to put in the oven for dinner. We lit candles, kindled a fire found flashlights and the books from our night stand tables.  It was great to spend the evening unplugged from the outside world, nestled in our home together.

Unplugged was a good thing for me.  I've been enjoying the past few days of recruitment preparation with the sorority chapter I advise.  It's been such a wonderful experience to see the leadership development in the young ladies, and their final push of hard work, rallying from exhaustion and staying focused in order to achieve their goals.  I actually found myself singing and bopping along to one of the songs they sing in a skit last night in the kitchen, I should start making a list of "you know you're a recruitment adviser when."

I didn't realize what a toll putting in long hours at these practices would take on me.  I'm so glad I was able to decompress with a massage after work and a celebratory belated birthday lunch at the Nordstrom's Cafe.  There, Lacey and I can be working ladies who lunch, and get a giggle from the older women who wear full length mink coats over their coordinating track suits.

It's the little things in life...

I should of had Josh guest post Menu Monday this week, as he did the menu planning and will do most of the cooking this week.
Monday we had chicken fajitas
Tuesday was going to be grilled chicken, roasted brussels sprouts and baked sweet potato fries, but turned into a turkey wrap for both of us.
I will be stopping by subway or something of the sorts Wednesday night
Thursday our favorite dish-chicken enchiladas.
Friday leftovers - I want those brussels sprouts!

On the note of my favorite subject, food, I have to share with you a note from my favorite foodie and restaurateur, Kim Bailey's weekly email.

"We are so excited.  It's Strawberry season!!!  That means that we will have a dessert with fresh Plant City strawberries on the menu every week until mid-April or so.
This week we are serving our first strawberry dessert highlighting fresh Strawberry Shortcake.  We make our shortcake unlike others.  First and foremost, the strawberries must be fresh and ripe, which they are.  I picked them out myself this morning.  We make our own biscuit-like (light and tender) shortcakes made with rich cream and butter.  We butter the tops of these shortcakes and sprinkle them with cane sugar for a perfect crunch to the top.
Bailey's Strawberry Shortcakes are extra good because we put a scoop of our homemade Strawberry Ice Cream right in the middle of the split shortcake then load it with whipped cream and fresh berries and natural strawberry juice.  Oh my gosh - it's like being lulled to sleep curled up in your favorite comforter in front of the fireplace."

Ironically I spent my evening being lulled to sleep curled up in my favorite comforter in from of the fireplace, but for some reason this strawberry short cake sounds even better...


Dee Stephens said...

We are just now digging out of the snow here. I wish my hubs would plan the menu for the week :(

I Do Declare said...

1. love your clever title!
2. love that you got to unplug - I only wish we'd been powdered with enough snow to get a full-on snow day!
3. I want to be a mink/track-suit lady when I grown up!

Happy Wedsnesday!

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Oh no!! So sorry you lost power!! We got a good bit of snow and ice here too but luckily we didn't lose power. I think it would be a nice little adventure to lose power for a little while anyway. ;)

Check out my blog today! I'm giving away a pearl bracelet!

Beach Belle said...

An evening unplugged with a book in front of the fireplace sounds absolutely lovely. I could definitely use one of those.

Stay warm!!

Shannon said...

Love how you described the snow...I'm going to have to remember that! Yum, you had me a shortcake!