Well, I wanted to post this yesterday, but blogger wasn't agreeing with me, so today it is.  It may be more fitting that I am posting my resolutions on my birthday.  Wow, where did 31 come from?  I like that my birthday falls at the beginning of a new year-I can reflect and make goals as I celebrate and start the next year of my life.  However I do not like that my husband likes to point out that I am now older than him (for the next three months), and my next big milestone will be 40-gag.

This year my resolutions are focused on relationships, building them, bettering them and making them the gosh darn best they can be.  

First I want to focus on the relationship I have with myself.  Priority #1 my health and achieving a manageable and healthy weight.  My action plan is to make menu’s in advance and prepare foods I like to have with me all the time.  Checking in with myself throughout the day, keeping my hunger (and excitement about food) level low, ideally not letting myself get overly hungry then eating waaaay too much.  I want the foods that I eat to be well balanced, nutritious and yummy.  I plan to participate in physical activities that are rewarding and that I enjoy.  I’ve started yoga, and plan to actually use my gym.  I’m looking forward to dusting off our bicycles and going on lots of hikes in the surrounding parks once it warms up this spring.  Oh yes, and flossing-my dentist will be thrilled I said that, he gets excited about things like that-that's why I love him and all his oral hygiene trivia questions.

In addition, I want to find and participate in rewarding activities that bring joy to my life.  Being a good friend, committed to fostering the amazing friendships I have, and growing some new ones along the way.  I plan to continue my involvement with the Junior League of Washington DC, Daughters of the American Revolution, Washington DC Phi Mu Alumnae Chapter, and advising the Gamma Delta Chapter of Phi Mu at American University.  I want to give fully and my very best to these organizations.

This year, I would like to read lots and lots of books, magazines and blogs.  I’m going to start the year off focusing on Americana, our history and heritage-and see where my interests lead me.

Next, is the relationship with my dear husband.  I want to go out of my way to learn more about him, make him feel honored, special and loved.  I plan to do this by sticking to our extremely detailed budget, keeping a beautiful home, and planning special treats for him.  He is my partner and very best friend and throughout this year (and our lifetime) I want to nurture our relationship and continue to grow in our marriage.  By communicating clearly my intentions and expectations, I hope we can grow even closer and set amazing plans and goals for our future together.

Last, but certainly not least, my relationship with the Lord.  Although my faith and beliefs have never wavered, I want to challenge myself to grow spiritually this year.  I plan to do this by praying more often, doing devotions and becoming more active with church.  I know every effort and amount of energy I put into my spiritual growth will help me achieve everything else I have set forth to accomplish, and even more importantly tune in and focus on what God wants me to accomplish.

Wishing you all the very best for a hopeful and prosperous 2011!

And one more trivial thing: I am making it a resolution that I will find a way to use our hundreds of thousands of airline miles to book a flight to Greece-Business Class or Bust!  I will be eating feta cheese on some picturesque Greek Island this spring.  United.com you will not defeat me!


Kristin said...

These are wonderful SB! And how funny, I'm almost EXACTLY one month older than you :-). I think your goals sound like a great road map for the year. Oh, and if you find a way to Greece, will you have some room in your suitcase for ME??? I can squish up really small ;-).

katy said...


Alyson said...

Wonderful resolutions!! Ones that will benefit you for a loNg time. Happy Birthday!!

Ensley said...

Fabulous resolutions-you seem to be setting yourself up for success by focusing on health and love, and leaving your goals open-ended. Good luck!

I Do Declare said...

Good goals!!! I would LOVE to go to Greece! Last year was a big travel year for us. I think this year will be more about staying home (and renovating....).

Happy New Year, and Happy 31!

Between all your busy activities, let's get together soon!

Ruth said...
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Ruth said...

Happy Birthday! You have a great one, it is shared with my grandmother who turned 83 yesterday.

You have set forth some wonderful goals.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

A wonderful list of aspirations. I hope you get to go to Greece -- it was my "trip of a lifetime" last summer -- ah the food! Now you may have to drop one of those resolutions for your visit -- I could have just eaten my way across Greece!

Miss Southern Prep said...

Great resolutions! Good luck with them!

P.S. I am so jealous of your planned trip to Greece! I am just dying to visit Santorini!

kay said...


and greece would be sooo much fun!

Mary Margaret said...

I love reading your blog! Let's catch up soon... our resolutions are so similar!