Great things are going on all around me.  I've gone to/am going to three four awesome places for restaurant week!  For those who don't know  R week is when all the top dining establishments in DC offer lunch and dinner at a pre-set price.  Some offer a pre-fix menu while others let you order an appy, entree and dessert off their regular menu all for the low low price of $35.11.  My goal is to find the latter - holla Chef Geoff's.  Anyway-Great Food, Great Friends-who could want more?

Well except for my gamma delta ladies at AU...

More, more, more - that's exactly what the Phi Mu Chapter at American University got on Bid Night!  They had a fantastic recruitment and ended up with quota plus additions - resulting in the largest new member class on campus!  The best part is they did it by being completely true to themselves, and were able to showcase their amazing friendships and sisterhood during recruitment (all the while ignoring my request to put on more lip gloss).  Gosh-I love them with or without a shiny pout.

Speaking of love, I am planning to fall in love with the hubs over and over again on the mini-moons we are taking this year!  Josh just booked us for a week in Greece-first class thank you very much, and a little over a week in Seattle to enjoy some time on the west coast prior to my fav red-headed-roommate's wedding this summer.  I was going through recruitment withdrawals, but now I get to start planning our fab vacations-can't wait!


Meg Broad said...

Sarah, thank you SO much for everything you did for us. You're right, we were ourselves, but we were also polished, poised, and practiced. Thank you for all your prodding. It was incredibly worth it. We love you!

Virginia Belle said...

You will absolutely love Greece! We went there on our honeymoon-Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos-and I did several posts on the trip. Check them out if you're interested and let me know if you need any hotel/restaurant recommendations!

I Do Declare said...

1. So jealous about Greece - that will be AMAZING!

2. I'm RWing it tonight at Ceiba!!

3. Happy Friday!

Mrs. Kindergarten said...

well, my oh my!
Things most certainly are lookin' good for y'all!

Mrs. Kindergarten

katy said...

Congrats on a successful recruitment! And so fun about Greece and Seattle!!! Enjoy the planning :)

Ruth said...

Way to go with bid day!!
And enjoy those trips.