Sugar Sugar--oh Honey Honey

My sweet new friend Whitney at The Preppy Pink and Green Puppy sent me the Sugar Doll blogger award. She is a VA girl, just like me and has the cutest blog-I just love it!!

I am supposed to write 10 interesting things about myself-soo here it goes!

  1. We have hired the neighborhood dog walker to take Miss Molly on walks during the day while we are at work.

  2. We bought a 28 pound turkey for Thanksgiving last night.

  3. My friends and I are planning a 30-palooza in South Beach to celebrate the Big 3-0 this January.

  4. Josh and I took ballroom dancing lessons for months.

  5. We put our dancing skills to work this weekend at Allison and Danny's wedding. I love to Salsa, Meringue, and Cha Cha Cha!!!

  6. I have been stocking up on Christmas Decorations, I even bought some at the Grocery store last night-- they have a whole home section.

  7. I love shopping at Wegmans-best Grocery Store in VA.

  8. Publix will always be my heart -- Where shopping is a pleasure.

  9. Speaking of shopping, I need to be supervised when I go Christmas shopping-I keep buying things for myself--bad, bad.

  10. Glee is my new favorite show!

  11. Bonus--Since I am so focused on Thanksgiving, I forgot to do a Menu Monday-err- dinners have been and will be crazy concoctions that I am coming up with from things that have been in our cabinets and freezer for a while-hey, I'm trying to make space for all the Thanksgiving Grocery's.

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