50 Days until Christmas

I just signed up for the lottery to view the National Christmas Tree Lighting in front of the White House. I have my fingers crossed to win tickets.

Lacey and I are signed up for a gift wrapping class - that will be HEAVEN! Oh I can't wait!

I went shopping for a few Christmas Decorations last night, it was fun to buy six spools of ribbon - don't worry there will be much more, I am trying to pace myself!

I am trying to decide on which nativity set to get for our first Christmas. There's Fontanini, Llorado, Olive Wood, but those aren't really our style. I have found a few favorites, but just can't decide.

Jim Shore scenes are beautiful and very artistic. I love all the details.

Then there's Willow Tree. Simple and Elegant.

The Terra Cotta set is very cute.

This porcelain set is beautiful and classic.

This is a very big decision, which do y'all like the best? Is their another design that I should check out? Let me know what you think!


The Preppy Pink and Green Puppy said...

I like the willow tree best. A giftwrapping class sounds awesome! Would you mind sharing the info- pinkandgreenpup at gmail dot com? I'd love to be able to wrap presents this Christmas and not have my family say "oh, this must be from Whitney" before even looking at the gift tag.

Melissa said...

My parents gave us the Willow Tree nativity and have added all of the pieces through the years so we now have the complete set. It's beautiful and timeless! I would suggest that one.