Weekend Recap

Soo I was joking with a friend at work that I did so much last weekend I can't even keep it straight.

On Friday night we decided to check out cash for clunkers (my SUV qualifies). We went to the Nissian dealership, and test drove a few cars. I decided that I liked a black Altima. Four hours later, we left with my same old car. We decided that even though we were getting a great deal, no payment is better than a low payment. I really like my SUV, it's fully loaded with all the perks-she's been good to me!

Saturday I woke up to a BEAUTIFUL, SPOTLESS downstairs. Josh staid up later than me and picked up-it was awesome. We went to baby Jack's baptism in Downtown DC. The church was beautiful and we had a great time. Some how we missed getting in the HOV lanes when we were headed to Jen and John's-big mistake. It took a while, but it was well worth the trip for a post baptism reception at their house.

Later, we met a friend of Josh's from work and his wife for dinner at Sweetwaters, then headed to Wolftrap for the B-52's concert. It was my frist time to Wolftrap which is an outdoor theater and National Park all-in-one. It was a beautiful Virginia summer night, I couldn't of asked for a better evening.

Sunday was my long awaited brunch with sorority sisters from Florida. It is surprising how many of us there are in the DC area. I picked up my old college roommate Maggie and we had a great drive down to Richmond. It was so fun catching up! The regular DC group was surprising three of the girls who were in Richmond visiting. Jen planned a great surprise for everyone. We had an amazing time laughing and catching up. It is so great to see how successful everyone is in their careers, and how we have all grown up to become wonderful ladies. I am so glad I had the opportunity to spend time with such a special group!

I knew I wanted to host everyone for an upcoming brunch or gator game at our house. We decided to have a party for the first game of the season, Charleston Southern. I'm so excited to plan everything! The menu, invitations, decorations-oh I can't wait!

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