Weekend Recap

After getting lost for and hour and almost running out of gas, we joined Lacey and Mike at Market Street Bar & Grill for blue crabs and blue moon on Friday night. It was so much fun sharing dinner with such great friends.

On Saturday, Josh played nine holes at Jefferson with his friend and the two of them discovered a great golf shop close to our house, the shop becomes a theme of our weekend. I spent the morning on laundry and vacuuming with my new toy. Then we were off to bring Mike and Lacey painting supplies and see their new place. The condo is so cute, spacious and superclose to great shopping!

After our grand tour we met up with Jen, John and Jack at Top Golf, which is an awesome driving range that makes where your ball lands into a game. I lost.

On our drive home we stopped at Home Goods, where I got a beautiful blue paisley ironing board cover and mutteler - so I could make minted lemonaid putting to use the mint in my herb garden. Since I got some goodies Josh wanted some too. We stopped at the golf shop that he discovered earlier in the morning and I got him a "Sunday" bag. Which is a lightweight bag that he can fit his clubs in making walking the course a little easier.

On Sunday we were up at 5:45 so Josh could meet up with John for their 7 o'clock Tee Time. I dropped him off and Miss Molly and I headed to Jen's were we prepped for John's birthday celebration. It was fun spending time with Jack - I sure do love that little guy!

The boys got soaked on the course, but had a great time. We enjoyed lunch together topped off with Cold Stone Ice cream cake yum!

It was a great weekend spent with great friends!

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