Sixteenth Football-a-versary

This weekend marks my 16th Florida Georgia game. I had been fairly consistent with Tennessee and LSU, until James came along. But I've never missed a Florida Georgia game (or at least tailgate) since my freshman year in college. When I was pregnant I stayed back at the RV and watched the game with Riley Cooper. Josh of course ended up tebowing with the tebows that game-ha!

But that's just the thing you never know what's going to happen at Florida Georgia and that's what makes it so much fun.

I've slept with 17 of my closest friends in one hotel room, in fancy hotels that require wristbands for everyone who is staying there, lots of slumber parties at my friends parents houses, in the back of Joshes car even. We've stayed at the same Marriott for the past few years and it feels like home when they welcome us back.

They were keeping a tally of gator and Georgia fans and when we arrived at one am last night we were the first to represent the Gator nation. Last night was also the third night I've spent away from James. And 6:45 the latest I've woken up in months. I feel very well rested with five and a half hours of sleep!

It's great to be here with my sweetie and hope to see lots of our friends soon. Not sure what tomorrow will bring, other than a good time and I'm sure some prayers to the football gods.

I traded my Maxie dress for Joshes soft ball jersey and Starbucks for a Goonbay Smash. It's 3 in the afternoon and we've got the tailgating started, can't wait for a fun weekend ahead.

As always Go Gators!


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Kristin said...

Have fun!

Dee Stephens said...

Hope it was fun! Your deserve a few more nights away! ;)