I'm still working on managing my time with a toddler, haven't gotten things to a point where I feel I have enough 'spare' time to blog. But sure wish I did!

We just returned from a week in Virginia and DC, which couldn't have been better. And are visiting my parents for a while since Josh had to return to Charlotte this week, as well.

I'm not missing my house or the unending chores it holds for me! Just the few hours I spent there on Sunday/Monday stressed me out. It did get a pretty new roof while we were away, I'm not sure if any of us could have handled week three of pounding and nails in our tires.

Even though no one should be pounding on our roof this week, we did have. to get Molly and are enjoying this time with my parents so very much.

James just adores ducks, and had the best time running around with his Poppa yesterday. It's too sweet not to share.

I'm planning for James to be a cute little duck for Halloween, and am having a fun time looking for his costume!

James added many new words to his vocabulary last night during a midnight snack. He woke up at ten and wouldn't go back down, so around 11 I asked if he was hungry, "yes," he cried and jumped off the bed.

After eating half a pan of spinach casserole, we started naming things in the kitchen and added orange, apple, bowl, avocado, plum, and spoon to his vocabulary. We couldn't believe it!

Alright, back to my toddler behavior book. My son became a biter, pusher and pincher by day three of Mothers Morning Out. So I'm working to nip it in the bud before bringing him back. Sometimes I can see anger flash across his face before an incident and others its seems he likes his little friend so much he just wants a little bite of them. He's also been biting the dining table and lazy boy at my parents house, so I'm awfully confused by the whole thing. Discipline is coming into parenting now and I know how important it is, but gosh, it's hard!


Dee Stephens said...

New words, that is exciting! If you're ever in Charlotte looks us up!

Ruth said...

New words are exciting. This will sound bad but the only way the parents got my brother to stop biting was to bite him back one day. He was almost 3 and nothing else had helped.