Getting Back to It

Well, where the heck did summer go? We gave it a fond farewell with a three week vacation: celebrating great grandmothers birthdays, visiting with family and lots of time in the sun, water and sand at the beach. Recovering from vacation takes as long as vacations, but now I feel I'm getting back into the swing of things.

Earlier this summer, I registered for the DC Color Run.

It was the thing that was finally going to get me to do the couch to 5K plan. Between soaring summer heat, rain storms and every other excuse in the book; James, Molly, our double stroller and I only made it out for walk/runs about a dozen times.

Guess what? The 5K is Sunday. Guess what else- I'm in no condition to run it, quite frankly I was a little nervous if I could even walk that far.

I'm happy to report that now that James can go to the childcare center I finally joined the gym. I can even see what he's up to, on the Screens at each machine. James isn't the only one being well taken care of, It's one traffic filled block away from Molly's daycare as well.

James being held by the childcare staff.

I'm even happier to report that last night, I confirmed that I can walk/run a 5K. Please don't look too closely at the stats, or if you do don't make fun that it took me just about an hour to do so!

I'm very grateful my treadmill not only had a video monitor, but my own personal built in fan, if only I could get one of those on Sunday!

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Mindy Mann said...

Good luck!! You will do great!

Mindy Mann said...

Good luck!! You will do great!

Virginia Belle said...

Good luck and honestly I think the goal is to not run it super fast because then you'll miss all of the good color ;) I'll be there too getting my color on, maybe I'll see you!

Ruth said...

Good luck! Those look like so much fun