Changed Perspective

Being in Florida for three weeks changed a lot of things for me.  Being able to share the joy of my child and being a mother with family and life-long friends changed my perspective on how I was living my life.  It's just so wonderful to see people you love, love your baby.  We have great friends in Virginia, DC and Maryland - I actually feel very lucky about that, but I also feel isolated and lonely a lot more than I'd like to.

Before we left for our trip, I was coping...making it through each day, but everything just seemed soo difficult and overwhelming.  I wasn't depressed, just throwing myself my own personal pity party everyday.  I feel like I let the flight of stairs leading out of our home kept me captive.
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It just wasn't worth the time or energy to go outside and do things.  Taking the dog to day care, having to do things on my own when my husband travels, hot temperatures and the limited awake times between naps meant lots of days, weeks and hours spent at home.
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Well, being back in Florida and the simplicity of everything there helped to change my perspective.  There was far less to do there than here and heck we were on vacation, but I did so much more everyday while we were there.  Granted I had lots and lots of helping hands, no traffic to slow us down, and we were able to leave Molly to bark her little heart out at our parents house.  I had help facing all those little challenges that seemed piled too high to conquer on my own and because of that help we were out and about for adventure after adventure, and IT WAS FUN!
When we got back, I decided those stairs weren't going to keep me trapped anymore.  I wasn't going to let these lame obstacles keep me from living a fun and full life.

James and I are doing all sorts of fun things from storytime to playdates, music class to long afternoon strolls.  We are not spending everyday at home anymore.

One of my best friends came to visit when James was four months old, and we were talking about me loosing weight and being more active.  She gave great advice, like always, taking him upstairs every time he had a dirty diaper to change him, cutting those pesky carbs out (no more milk cookies?!), and just finding lots of tweeks to live a more healthy life.  I remember at the time, every suggestion she made seemed impossible.  But now, I'm over making excuses and am just getting things done.  It feels so good.

Our home is not perfect...it probably never will be and the daily list of to-do's is never fully checked off...but  there is an action plan in place.  And more and more awesome things keep happening in my life everyday.

Tomorrow's forecast calls for rain and lots of it-so I'm getting my rain boots out of the back of my closet.  I'm going to Trader Joe's and play group come hell or high water!


Melissa said...

Sounds like a plan : )

Jenny Martin said...

Great post! This resonates as a new mom living far away from family and lifelong friends. You have a good perspective and communicate so well! Keep these coming!

Aja said...

As a fellow wife whose hubby travels for work, I have found forming friendships with other moms with similar lifestyles has really helped me feel less alone. It's nice to have other women who understand what it's like to do it alone for long periods of time. Two of my closest friends have husbands who are a firefighter and senior pastor respectively. Both cope with their hubby's intense work schedule and juggling two kids needs and we are a good support for each other. Glad you're getting out more an feeling more positive!

KatiePerk said...

I hear you!! You rock!!

Stacy said...

I am just getting into being at home alone with Kenneth and I totally know how hard it is! I have already been good about making sure I have something to do every day, even a run to Publix because I know for my sanity I have to get out. It's great that you are taking the approach to prioritize getting out and exercising, it will keep you positive and happy and that in turn will reflect in your whole family!

eas said...

Thanks for the inspiration!!

Dee Stephens said...

Good for you!! I'm proud of you! I know it can be hard!
Loving the new blog look too! :)