My Savings Strategy (ha ha)

I used to pride myself on my bargain shopping.  I read a few blogs that focus on couponing and saving money. I love a good deal or rewards program, and who doesn't want to save here and there?
I've tried to get into couponing, but it never seems to work out that it's worth the time an energy I put in for the savings.  When I shopped at Harris Teeter, I would even do research on Southern Savers.  I did save, but was always buying processed foods, which I try to avoid.  In all reality, I know I could do coupons on cleaning supplies, but just like my reuseable shopping bags, I tend to leave things at home or in the car.

Needless to say I'm just not that into it. 

I have however been checking ebooks out from the library and downloading a few free kindle books every week...savings right?

Friday, I had my first pretty exciting couponing experience.  I was able to successfully combine coupons and saved $18 off diapers and wipes.  I probably buy the most expensive ones, so for what I "saved" on Pampers Swaddlers, is what the cost of the generic ones at Costco are-ha!  I was happy and the sales clerk ringing me up was impressed.  I felt I needed a reward on the way home and treated myself to a "free" McDonalds Chocolate Chip Frappe - I think I used 5 coupons in one day. 

I was feeling pretty good about myself, so I decided to use the drive home from Babies R Us to call my insurance company about the new women's coverage effective August 1, to see if they would cover a breast pump.  We've been renting the hospital grade, which I super duper love, but was willing to buy one at $300 vs paying $70 a month.  Well, low and behold my insurance completely covers the cost of buying a pump.  I was pretty excited, so I asked about covering a rental.  They said that was 100% covered as well, AND I could send in all my receipts since February and that would be covered too.   I just couldn't believe it, and asked again.  When I called in Feb, to ask about pump coverage they said no dice unless the baby had to stay in the hospital without me.  While I'm not sure I will be this trilled about every aspect of Obamacare.  I'm very happy that women are receiving these benefits, and that it's resulting in a savings for my family for the time being.

So as far as Friday was concerned, I was one money saving momma.  Take that WORLD (and accountant husband). 


Absolutely Fabulous said...

Woohoo on all of those savings! I think that's the best feeling in the world when you save a few cents...much less a whole bunch of dollars!! Congrats!

Mama T said...

AWESOME mama!!!! Way to go!!! I really need to learn to get on a better budget with my unemployment these days :) And LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog design!!!

The Lasher Family said...

I called our insurance and the "new" coverage won't kick in for us until our policy renews in January. Bummer. I rented a pump for 2 months and ended up buying a pump. Oh well. Thanks for posting so I could follow up! =)

Allison Brock said...

Nice! I wish this had been a year earlier! I bet I spent $800 on pumps and supplies. Glad to see this changed

Ruth said...

That is awesome news. I do okay with coupons. I am just happy to save what I can as every little bit helps.

Claire said...

Yes, it was great news that breastpump purchases and rentals are insurance covered now. So are most lactation services AND (!!!) some doula services!