6 Months

How can it be that I’ve held you in my arms everyday for half of a year?

Time flies when you are having fun, and we are having LOTS of fun!!
I’m not exactly sure how you get more fun, but you sure do!
At your 6th month appointment you weighed 17 pounds 13 ounces, 63rd percentile and are 28.5 inches tall, 98%.

I’m writing this while you are taking a nap, ahh naps, how I love them. You love them, too. You take three naps a day at 9, 12 and 3. Two, two hour naps and one, 45 minute nap. Sometimes you sleep 2 hours in the morning, sometimes 45 – sometimes the noon nap is the short one, sometimes the afternoon one is. I just keep your monitor close by so I can come and see your smiling face as soon as you wake up. It's so fun to walk into your nursery because you break into the brightest smile when you see me. You also hoot and holler if I don't pick you up right when I walk in. You aren't afraid to let your feelings be known!

You are pretty insistent on a 6-6:30 bed time. You are NOT a fan of staying up late…at all. I’m so happy you sleep so well and am even more happy to see you in the morning.
You nurse 4 times a day and take a bottle before bedtime. You also are starting to learn how to use a sippy cup. After starting solids and me taking herb supplements again I finally feel like I can keep up with you.

Speaking of solids, you started eating food this month and you really like it. So far you’ve had:
Rice and Oatmeal Cereals, Pears, Avocados, Squash, Green Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Bananas, Apples and Carrots. Your favorite is squash, I can't wait to share all my favorite butternut squash soups with you this fall.

Sometimes I make your food, sometimes it’s from an Earths Best jar. Ironically I think the organic jarred food tastes better than what I make. I think your daddy gave you a heads up about my cooking.

Your favorite song is Apples and Bananas, which I re-create to be whatever fruits and veggies you are currently eating. Maybe you love it because I am feeding you and maybe you love it because I make funny faces trying to figure out how to swap out the vowels in Pears.

My favorite song to sing to you is You are My Sunshine. We sing it before each of your naps. Somehow you just seem to melt into my arms as I rock and sing to you. You lift your little hand and rest it on my cheek while sing, and my eyes tend to water as I reach the verse "you’ll never know dear how much I love you." It’s such a sweet, tender moment we get to share a few times a day and I really treasure this special moment. It's so wonderful to experience you express that you feel safe and loved.

You just love playing with and helping me take Molly for walks during the day. When you see or hear her come into the room, your face lights up. She continues to warm up to you, I think with the nearing addition of puffs to your menu, she will quickly become your very best friend.

Sitting has become second nature to you, but you prefer to stand, and can hold yourself up for quite a bit. I’m sure you will be figuring out how to get into the sitting and standing positions on your own soon. You do a cute little 'crunch' lifting you head and shoulders while laying down so you can see all around.

The mobile of bugs and flowers over your changing table is a big hit. I've named them all for you and we talk to them each time I change your diaper. You've gone back to baby babble, no more buzzing our lips! "haaa", "heee", "goo", "gaaa" and of course "coo" are you go to sounds.

You are a pro at your exerciser and LOVE to play with all the toys and jump up and down. Your bumbo is still acting as your hight chair, and you love sitting in it and reaching all around.
Reading is a popular pastime in our home. Snuggle Puppy (which is also a song) is no question your favorite, followed by which ever Llama Llama book I have on hand.

Night time is another Sandra Boyton classic; The Going to Bed Book.

Lots of firsts this month:

There is a three way tie for sitting up, rolling over each way and army crawling, not sure which is cooler.

We are going through all the motions for teething, but there is nothing to show for all the drool, tears, cries and overall grumpiness. I’m starting to catch on to when you are in teething pain.

We went to see daddy place softball.

Meeting friends for lunch.
Your 6th month shots had much more of an effect on you than the others. You were a very sad baby after them.

We love our little "coo" man!


Meghan Larsen said...

He is just soooo precious. He is such a happy baby. God Bless Sarah. :)

Lexilooo said...

love the baby and the puppy in the stroller together! too cute!

Dee Stephens said...


Virginia Belle said...

Happy 6 months to your sweet boy!

Unknown said...

Can't believe how MUCH he has grown and changed. Looking forward to seeing you!! MOM

Melissa said...

Oh my…so sweet! I especially love the seersucker monogrammed john-john ; ) Keep singing and reading to him, those memories are so precious!

Ruth said...

The picture of James and Molly is so cute. I can't believe he is six months old.