Friday Happy Hour

A little different than it used to be!

Now includes baby talkin with my boy, skinny cow ice cream sandwich, tracking daddies flight over the Atlantic, listening to the toddler station on Pandora, and occasionally (ok-constantly) wiping up spit-up.

If I'm lucky daddy will be home in time for me to make my Friday night Pilates class.

You know...

I've never been happier!

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Aja said...

During our Friday happy hour Miller and I ate pizza and listened to the 80's music channel. Holder is at Nina's and Daddy was driving home while we rocked out to Sussudio. :)

I Do Declare said...

Oh my, I love your little gjinger!!!!

Bella Michelle said...

He is so precious!!!! Oh my goodness, how do you stand it??? Your life sounds a lot like mine was at that stage...hubby out on Sunday night and back on Friday night and baby and I in between!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that is the cutest picture! I LOVE his red hair!!! He's adorable :) And as much as I love a goof Friday afternoon cocktail, this sounds say better ;) Hope you had a terrific weekend!

Erika said...

I found you on Kelly's Korner! Oh my goodness, your little boy is adorable. My little guy is 3 months too. I'm totally with you on the toddler station on Pandora and the buckets of spit-up :)